DXB offer a large range of pumps for the general industrial market including end suction, self priming, multistage and split case pumps.

The company has extensive experience of designing and building pumping equipment for the industrial markets from initial build requirements to final operational use including temporary maintenance pumpsets.

Applications such as tank cleaning pumps that operate at close to 1000m3/hr to transfer pumps and wastewater pumps operating at far less flows are all available from DXB in either electric or engine driven configuration.

Regulations such as RIGSAFE, ATEX and of course CE are all understood and possible with equipment designed and built by DXB in the UK and can be shippped anywhere in the world.  Equipment designed and built by DXB in the UK is compliant and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Max Flows up to 10000m3/h

Stage 5 Emission Compliant Engines


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